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Ask a Writer: Gabby Symone Booth

"My hope is that, as a result of my impact, I leave the world in a better condition than I first encountered it." Gabby Symone B.

Meet Gabby Symone B., Writer, Speaker, Singer, and my very own personal Grace Orator.

Born in Maryland, but raised in Snellville, Georgia, Gabby has touched the hearts of many with her self-published book Gabby's Guide: Timely Advice from and Unlikely Expert. In Gabby's Guide, Gabby talks about her experience with love and life while going into detail about her own journey with finding her divine purpose, in hopes of helping others gracefully navigate their way through life with God at the forefront of all personal initiatives.

As Gabby continues to write and speak, she is also pursuing her graduate degree in Theology and Juris Master in Religious Law at Emory University in Georgia, so she can continue to empower and enrich those around her.

When did you decide you wanted to write? And Why?

Writing has always been an outlet for me. I started writing poems in elementary school which grew into musical compositions by middle school. These poems and songs were simply written to express repressed emotion and thoughts. After college I started blogging in order to use my stories to help people. After reaching over 10,000 blog hits, I decided to become a self-published author releasing my first book “Gabby’s Guide: Timely Advice from the Unlikely Expert”. It is hopeful book about finding spirituality and love as a millennial. My next book is for the dreamers. It comes out July 2019. If you feel stuck and are looking to find your divine destiny in life my new book is for you!

What inspired you to write Gabby’s Guide, and what message did you want to send to the world?

I noticed our generation was missing those much-needed conversations around the kitchen table that Mom and Grandma used to give about love and marriage. I had plenty conversations with my elders about finding self-love and then allowing romantic love to find me. I never dated to fill a void because of these round table that enlightened me. I felt I met too many people looking for love in the wrong places and I was tired of hearing about poor decisions and hurt my peers encountered when trying to find love. I missed out on a lot of pain because I listened to the wisdom of my mother and paid attention to red flags. I wrote a book that talks about the journey to love being positive. It is possible to date wise and live fulfilled single, dating or married.

Can you think back to the first time you fell in love with literature? What was your entry point?

Wow. I knew I loved literature when I became adamant about reading more than what was assigned by my teachers in grade school. After I’d fall in love with a particular topic in class, I would go to the library and check out more books about that particular subject. I even pursued my bachelors degree in history because I adored reading about the world before our time. At this time I also merged my passion for reading with writing. I realized the impact writers had on society and I wanted to be a part of that.

Who is your favorite writer?

I adore Maya Angelou and Nikki Giovanni. I read these authors works at different stages in my life and both sparked something in me that assisted in my journey to authorship.

Why does representation in writing and art matter to you?

As a black woman who is conservative yet, liberal in many aspects at the same time I understand -representation matters. Society doesn’t like duality or ambiguity. We thrive in definitives but I want to write for women like me who are liberated and free in themselves; yet find beauty in also holding onto deep moral values and strong belief systems. I enjoy reading works and experiencing art that I can identify with. I want young women to look in the mirror and see themselves in my work as well.

What are your top 5 favorite books?

This is hard. For now I think my top 5 are:

1. Deeper Shades of Purple: Womanism in Religion and Society by Stacey Floyd Thomas,

2. The Bible NLT version

3. To Know him: Beyond Religion Awaits a Relationship that Will Change your Life by Gloria Copeland

4. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

5. Black Privilege: Opportunity Comes to Those Who Create It by Charlemagne Tha God

When can we expect the next book?!

My next book comes out July 2019. I am so nervously excited about it because I thinks it is going to stir people up. I want people to sit and think about the frailty of life. We only get one shot to leave a mark on the earth so aim for what seems unattainable you just might grasp it. Push the limits, break barriers, and live fearless. I want to inspire people to shoot their shot and see what great things they can achieve. There are no limits except the ones we place on ourselves.

How do you hope to leave your mark on the world?

I want people to read my books for generations to come. I also desire to build something my children can continue after I am gone. My hope is that, as a result of my impact, I leave the world in a better condition than I first encountered it.

Lastly, how can people find you/ get in touch with you?


ig/twitter Gabbysymone_b

Facebook: Gabrielle Symone B

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