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Ask a Writer: Morgan Bullock on Moon Fruit

"I hope the light that God shines through me will inspire others to allow their light to shine too."-- Morgan Bullock

Meet Morgan Bullock: Writer, Poet, Magical Black Girl and Friend.

This year, I read Morgan's book Moon Fruit- a collection of beautifully and creatively written poems and affirmations. While reading, I was reminded of what it meant to be truly vulnerable and what it means to truly heal-- to tear yourself down, stabilize your foundation, and build yourself back up. In Moon Fruit, Morgan writes in verse about her experience, and shares that healing with the world, offering small nuggets of wisdom to those in need.

Naturally, I was compelled to learn more. I wanted to get to know more about what inspires Morgan and what motivates her and feeds her creativity. Here's what we found:

When did you decide you wanted to write? And Why?

I’ve always naturally gravitated towards writing. I wrote in journals from elementary school to high school but it wasn’t until college when I was forced to change my major from business to English that I really started to consider transitioning my writing from therapy for me to encouragement for others. As I received positive feedback from blogging, as a student athlete at FSU, I realized I wanted to reach as many people as I could through my words to make them feel the love that I have for them.

What inspired you to write Moon Fruit?

Grief, pain, heartache, growth and triumph. I had made it through some tragedies in my life at a young age and I wished there was someone there who first-hand understood my pain while I was experiencing it. As I got older I saw loved ones go through similar tragedies and losses and didn’t want them to feel as alone as I had felt in the past. I wanted the words of comfort I used to lift myself up to lift them up during their low points.

Can you think back to the first time you fell in love with literature? What was your entry point?

I’ll be honest, I fell in love with words that make me feel. Oddly enough, I realized how powerful words could be when my Grandmother gifted me The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill and I read the lyrics in the CD cover over and over again. The next time I truly fell in love with it was in my African American Lit class when we dove into James Baldwin’s The Fire Next Time. The discussions we had around it made me feel seen.

Who is your favorite writer?

This changes, but at the moment, I love Rudy Francisco.

What’s your favorite quote and how does it apply to your life?

“Fantasy is what people want but reality is what we need.” - Lauryn Hill

I used to live in this world (inside my head) with the notion that I can control things and create a perfect life. I could place perfect people, a perfect job, a perfect house, a perfect family and live perfectly and happily ever after. Looking back it was utterly ridiculous. I now realize that realistically, I have to take life as it’s presented to me, adjust to the curve balls, enjoy the process and appreciate the uniqueness of my journey. Same goes for my writing and my brand. In my fantasy world I believe that I’m cool enough for people to simply like whatever I put out when realistically I have to cater and serve my audience. Fantasy is everything revolving around me and reality is me serving others.

Why does representation in writing and art matter to you?

Representation matters everywhere. The Arts, Politics, Tech, Business, etc. without representation things don’t seem attainable or you don’t feel seen or important. Everyone is important and should feel that way. I know my experiences are valid and important because of representation. I have goals I know I can achieve because of the paths set by those who look like me.

What are your top 5 favorite books?

Harry Potter (Books 1-4 and 6 I have yet to read 7 because I don’t want it to end, childish I know)

The Hunger Games series

Divergent series

The Holy Bible specifically The Books of Job, Proverbs and Revelation.

Lol this totals to 16 books but who’s counting :)

How do you hope to leave your mark on the world?

I hope that my mark is left by igniting a fire in everyone I come contact with either in person or through my words. I hope the light that God shines through me will inspire others to allow their light to shine too. I hope the fire I try to spark with my words, passion and love for others burns forever, long after I’m gone.

Morgan's book Moon Fruit can be purchased on Amazon at the link above. I'd love to know what you think. Follow Morgan on Instagram to stay up to date on upcoming work and poetry readings at @morganbullock_.

As always, Indulge Endlessly.

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