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Guest Review Lea B.: "The Proposal" by Jasmine Guillory

Meet Lea B. of Atlanta, Ga!

IG: @leaxrenee

About Lea:

Favorite Genre:

Romantic Fiction

Top 5 books of all time:

Loaded question, I know I have YET to read the top 5 books of all time. But, here are my top 5 favorites from the last couple of years that I can recall… no particular order:

  • Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi

  • Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty (basically anything and everything by Liane Moriarty**)

  • The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur

  • Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

  • The Warmth of Other Suns by Isabel Wilkerson (currently reading, but it’s one that has already brought me so much knowledge *and tears..and anger..* that I can’t not put it on this list)

What do you usually look for in a book?

Entertainment. Reading is my way to de-stress & escape reality. I like a page turner (minus horror or thrillers), but something that excites me. I like it when an author makes me feel like I know the characters and they are relatable. I also want to feel something when I’m reading a book or poetry. Whether it be love, anger, humor or heartbreak… I want to feel like I went through it too.

The Review:

Book Title: The Proposal

Book Author: Jasmine Guillory

Category: Romantic Fiction

What made you pick this book up? Did anyone in particular recommend it to you?

I saw it on a couple of book lists (Reese Witherspoon’s/ IG Book Bloggers) & I was excited about a romantic fiction with a woman of color lead. I also saw good reviews on “Goodreads.”

What did you like best about this book?

It was easy to read, anyone could follow along with this book with no issues and it was a feel good, “beach read.” Even though I predicted what was going to happen, the author still had me rooting for Nik and Carlos throughout.

What did you like least about this book?

It was very predictable, too simple and lacked depth. When asked to describe this book, the first word that would come to mind would be “corny.” I also did not relate to the character the way I hoped I would.

What were the top 5-7 themes of the book?

Love, Family, Mental Health, Healthy vs Unhealthy Relationships, Fear

Did the book seem relatable/ realistic for you? Why or why not?

My answer would be no. I started reading this book hoping to see parts of myself in the main character, Nik, or at least see my relationships with my girlfriends on paper in some way or form. As I was reading, I often forgot the main character was a black woman besides when she made it a point to mention her hair texture or she and her friends were being described. The story line was very basic and I felt it was trying to appease too many audiences. I have never read anything by Guillory before so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was a let down.

What did you learn from the book, if anything? What were your key takeaways?

Don’t be so afraid of letting your guard down & getting hurt that you refuse to accept love.

What questions do you still have after reading the book?

The book discussed a lot about Carlos’ family but never dived in on Nik’s. I would be very curious to learn more about how she grew up and what her family was like. I also have questions about her previous dating history, has she ever dated black men? The book talks about her relationships with her ex-boyfriend (a White guy) and Carlos (Hispanic).

Have you read anything else on this topic? If so what other books on this topic would you recommend?

Pride by Ibi Zoboi. Definitely looking for any and all recommendations for romantic fiction with people of color!

Would you read something by this author again?

Never say never. I am open to it, if I saw enough glowing reviews to sway me, but this book turned me off.

Thank you Lea for sharing your thoughts on this book!

What about the rest of you? Have you read this book yet? What were your thoughts?

As always,

~Indulge Endlessly.

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